We have the word Mankind. It is an interesting one, in that in referring to our collective being, the powers that be have chosen the word “kind” to come after the word “man”. While in this case the word “kind” primarily refers type of thing, but interestingly the word “kind” can  also  be take to mean gentle and compassionate.Of all the words that could have been, it was this one. Why? Is it an expression of fact that man in his very basic natural form kind and gentle? Or it is an expression of optimism and hope, that perhaps man is not as such but should aspire to be and hopefully one day will be, embodiment of the word “kind” in this world. But it is a beautiful idea nonetheless regardless of the truth of it, that in merely talking of humanity as a whole we have made the idea of what it means to be a person and the idea of compassion and goodness inseparable.

The Greatest Temple

Yet the greatest temple in existence is not one found on a mountain top or in a jungle, it is far more simple than that, for there is no greater temple than one of the heart and mind. For what resides in it is constantly what is truly worshiped by a man, in feeling for it and reflecting on is what he prostates himself upon. Yet such a thing differs from man to man, for some have created temples of wealth, enslaving themselves to the idea of money, others to a lover devoting themselves to another, and yet others to a cause, binding their beings to a purpose greater themselves.


For me the greatest investment is not in the stock market or some business, but charity . I could buy another car or afford another bedroom in my house and my life would not be any greater, but for a lot less I could feed and medicate someone, grant them another day on this earth bring them back from deaths door, let them see their loved for a little while longer. Or educate a child, buy not a future for a person but for a whole family, break them free from the vicious chains of poverty. How can I say I am not getting my moneys worth, when I can liberate and give life, things I cannot do for myself.

Its a fool that regrets being nice because of the unkindness of others, its simply the way of this world. Leave sugar out and both flies and bees will be attracted to its sweetness in equal measure, then leave out rotten filth and watch, only flies will go near it. There is no escaping the flies they will always be there, its just a matter if one wants to continue being sweet for the bees or to abandon all that to be left only for the flies.

“I want to be good” the phrase, such a simple want, something a child would say. Yet as one grows older, one comes to realize that for such a simple want, it is very difficult one to be. Five words do not speak of a lifetime struggle, there is a cruel trickery in that, for all the easiness in wanting them they are that much more arduous to achieve.

“Religions will always claim ownership exclusive knowledge of god, fight each other of over that petty claim over an idea. Let them have their god. For the merely took one letter of the word of the word good and claim it as theirs. The thing with good or rather the ability to know it and practice it, is that is something that is not tied to any one faith, group, or time period or place. But tied to humanity itself,a thing that all human beings know and possess the ability to do. It matters not what temples fall and which ones rise, which empires rise or fall, what matters is that so long as men walk this earth, there will always be good in one form or another. That is the thing worth saving, humanity.”