Where a liberal will try to change how a man thinks, a conservative will try to change how a man is. A liberal makes war upon mankind’s ignorance, a conservative makes war on mankind itself.

Men have always died. In dying they take nothing,

Men have always died. In dying they take nothing, so it was a man gives, what he leaves behind that defines him, each man building upon his predecessors legacy. Long forgotten ancestors left us an identity, a name. In taking a name Forefathers pass on lands and property. The men of this era are no different, in being given wealth and lands they ought to aspire and build, leave behind a world, a better one.


Do I believe in superheroes? No, the older I have gotten, the more I have fallen in love with the idea that not the extraordinary or the supernatural has merely been imbued with human characteristics, rather the idea that within humanity lies the greatness. My heroes have always been real people.